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Fatality, Australia

Date: January 6, 2009
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Victim: 3-yr-old fatally wounded, 16-mos old female, adult female
Breed: Mixed breed, possibly 4 dogs
Severity: 1 fatality, 1 level 5, 1 level 2
Circumstances: Somehow the children ended up in the backyard of a house where four large dogs were kept (not indoor pets).
Link: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/toddler-killed-by-dogs/2009/01/07/1231004077973.html

A three-year-old girl has died and another child has been seriously mauled in a dog attack at  a south-western NSW home.
Police say the attack happened at the home of the children's neighbour.

Graeme Kelly, a butcher, said the injured woman was babysitting the children and tried to stop the attack.


Tags: *bsl, 2009 fatality, australia, dogs alone with child, dogs on property, fatality, level 2, level 5, mixed breed, new south wales

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