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Dog Attacks
Fatality, Texas 
17th-Jan-2009 09:55 am
Mina - awesome
Absolutely tragic story out of Forth Worth, Texas where a 17-yr-old dog who probably spent his whole life stuck in a pen in a backyard killed a 3-yr-old girl who climbed into the dog's pen. Why on earth is a 3-yr-old alone in a backyard?

Date: January 16, 2009
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Victim: 3-yr-old female
Breed: Rottweiler
Circumstances: Dog was an outdoor dog in a pen. Dog was ancient (17). Victim climbed into pen through a whole in the backyard and was attacked.
Link: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/6216370.html

FORT WORTH, Texas — Authorities say a 3-year-old girl died after being attacked by her neighbor's Rottweiler.

Fort Worth police said Friday the 17-year-old dog attacked the toddler after she climbed through a hole in the fence of her backyard and into an enclosure with the animal.

The dog's owner turned the pet over to the city and was cooperating with authorities, said Keane Menefee, manager of the city's Animal Care and Control Division.

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