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Fatality, Pennsylvania

Date: January 20, 2009
Location: Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Victim: 8-yr-old female
Breed: Mixed breed
Circumstances: Several dogs kept chained on the property. Victim wandered too close to one and was attacked, bitten multiple times.

DeMaiolo said the girl and Renda were outside shortly before 7 p.m., and the girl told Renda she was going to the house because she was cold. Renda stayed behind.

The girl apparently went near one of several dogs at the property, a more than 100-pound, mixed-breed dog, which was chained outside an old camping trailer that the dog used for shelter. The dog, DeMaiolo said, was on a chain 15 to 20 feet long.

DeMaiolo said Renda went to check on the whereabouts of the girl and found her inside the trailer; there were no witnesses to the attack. Beaver County Coroner Teri Tatalovich-Rossi said the girl was bitten multiple times in different places on her body; DeMaiolo said the locations included her neck.

Tags: 2009 fatality, dog was chained, fatality, january_2009, mixed breed, pennsylvania

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