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Dog Attacks
Husky kills child in Georgia 
27th-Mar-2009 02:22 pm
Animals - rooster
Date: March 22,2009
Location: Wayne County, Georgia
Victim: 3-yr-old male
Breed: Husky
Circumstances: Dog normally chained. When child got a "sand spur" in his foot, he screamed. Somehow the dog broke free from her chain and attacked the child, killing him. Dog was shot and killed by owner.

Eli was walking with another child, a 5-year-old girl who lived next door. He got a sand spur in his foot, and was crying out as his friend tried to remove it when Tasha, the dog, suddenly broke free from her collar and attacked.

“She ran inside and got her mother’s roommate,” Williams said.

“He pulled the dog off and shot the dog.”

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